Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Greek Style

I have found out the phrase for wishing a Happy New Year in Greek so I am going to share it. Credit goes to "Nancy Gaifyllia - Greek Food Guide" which is one of my favorite Internet places to visit and learn a bit about my Greek heritage and recipes.

It is: Kali Hronia me Ygeia, say: kah-LEE hrohn-YAH meh ee-YEE-ah) - which loosely translates into my wish for you: "Have a wonderful year and enjoy it in good health!"

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to You!
My personal goal was to finally get into the world of blogging in 2009, so I figure there is no better day to start then on January 1st. My sisters and bro-in-law have been doing this for quite awhile and I enjoy reading their posts. They have encouraged me on several occasions to start doing this. I checked out my blog account and I realized that I actually set this up back in November of 2007 and then never started with a first posting. Time goes by. My hope is that once I get the hang of this it may look just as great as Mary, Raelynn's and Todd's blogs.
What a year 2008 was for everyone in my family and friends too. As for me I have been looking forward to the New Year in hope of fresh new starts.
I wish everyone a Very Happy New Year, one of Love, Peace, Happiness, and everything that
will make your life the BEST it can be!
Well, I have now officially stepped into the world of blogging. My Blog Journey has begun! And for someone that enjoys writing this is cool and exciting for me.